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A Letter From The Director

Bound came into being as a sort of accident. Over a year ago, a joke between friends became the kernel that began this entire project. A conversation about the lack of representation and variation in the action genre began the process of looking at what became available when something that seems so extreme was to be humanized. My father is a cop who has frequently had his life put at risk based on jobs he was working. We wanted to set out to tell the story about the complexities of life that often are negated in the pressure cooker that is an action movie. I wanted to tell the story of what it means to love someone who you may fear won't return from work every day. This began the exploration of how to create fully realized human beings in a heightened world of drug culture, physical danger and psychosis. 

The characters in Bound are messy and often apologetically so. Alex and I have had many conversations about if any of them are "bad guys" and continually we reach the same conclusion. Life is not as simple as an action movie. Everyone has their demons and everyone makes their choices that may hurt those around them but they must validate it for them self. We think to simply define anyone as just good or bad, you're ignoring the spectrum of human experience that is entirely in the gray area of behavior.

This has become such an important project for myself and those involved because it is a story that asks how far love can be pushed before it fails, can someone cause so much destruction and still be a good person, and what does it mean to be a hero? We would love the opportunity to share this very personal and special series with you all and let you fall in love and out of love with these people just as we have!


Colin J Murphy (co-creator/ Director)